Robin Assist and Hop! partner to provide global travelers with travel protection and assistance plans


Hop! uses Robin Assist’s innovative tech platform, built from the ground up to support the travel insurance industry.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, May 16, 2023 — Robin Assist and Hop! today announced a new partnership to provide travel assistance to global travelers worldwide. Hop! is a travel protection membership program for international trips, offering a broad range of benefits for Medical and Travel Assistance for visitors to the U.S, Canada, Australia and other destinations worldwide.

Hop! uses Robin Assist’s innovative tech platform, built from the ground up to support the travel insurance industry. The API driven platform supports partners in the entire customer journey including easy product creation, policy rating, issuance and fulfilment as well as assistance and claims services.

PK Rao, Hop! CEO, said: “Hop! is built around a core technology platform that meets the needs of everyday travelers. We went out to the market and asked customers what they really wanted; customizable plans, services for pre-existing conditions and concierge benefits as well as seamless claims experience were among the most sought-after features. Working with Robin Assist, we’ve checked all the boxes and brought to market unparalleled customer service using state-of-the-art technology.”

“We’ve built the Robin Assist platform in a way that can support the industry in launching products quickly and to scale. With Robin Assist taking care of the entire customer journey from start to finish, Hop! can focus on the sales and marketing efforts,” said Mike Meeks, COO, Robin Assist.

Assistance and claims services include:

  • Guaranteed Cashless Claims
  • Plans available to cover 100% Eligible Medical Expenses
  • Medical Assistance for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Medical networks discounts via United Healthcare (including prescriptions)

About Hop!
Hop! Is an innovative, technology driven MGA specializing in offering travel protection for trips worldwide. Built out of the need of everyday travelers, Hop! Plans are designed to embed into the travelers experiences and work seamlessly. Based in Orlando Florida, Hop! Offers 24/7 customer support via its multilingual network of staff. Hop’s mission is to create an unparalleled travel experience for all its members.

For more information about Hop Travel please visit:

About Robin Assist
Robin Assist, a tech-driven emergency travel assistance platform, is part of battleface Inc., supporting the travel insurance industry globally. It provides 24/7 responsive customer service, claims, emergency travel and medical assistance from any device, any time, any place. The operations team consists of multi-lingual talented humans who come from an extensive travel insurance service and assistance background.