Family Violence Policy

Last Updated On 18-Apr-2024
Effective Date 18-Apr-2024

At Robin Assist, our purpose is to provide a safe and supportive environment for our customers experiencing family violence. To this end, our staff are trained to treat all customers with respect and dignity by ensuring that appropriate and sensitive consideration is given to every interaction. This includes commitment to support our staff and customers affected by family violence. Under Australian Law, family violence is defined as “violent or threatening behaviour, or any other form of behaviour, that coerces or controls a family member or causes that family member to be fearful.” A form of family violence is financial abuse, which occurs when an abuser uses money as a means to gain power and to control their partner or family member. It occurs in many different forms and can affect anyone.

Our Support To You:

At Robin Assist, your safety is paramount and if you are impacted by family violence, we encourage you to talk about the situation and we commit to supporting you in any way we can:

  • Our staff are trained to help identify customers affected by family violence and respond appropriately and sensitively and we have procedures in place;
  • We will take extra care to protect private and confidential information of customers affected by family violence; and
  • Minimise the number of times a customer affected by family violence needs to disclose information about their circumstances.

Where we identify or you inform us that you are affected by family violence and you make an insurance claim, we will ensure sensitivity, flexibility and care is taken. Access to Financial Hardship help will be arranged as necessary, and if required, we will ensure collection arrangements are handled sensitively.

Other Information

If you are in danger, please call the police on 000. If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, there are free services you can access: