Providing 24/7 support services to travelers worldwide

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Stuff happens. But if it happens to your travelers, don’t worry – you’ve got us.

Robin Assist provides assistance solutions for today’s traveler.

Innovative solutions, 
24/7 support

Seamless integration

Embed into your website or host on a dedicated page.

Filing a claim is easy to do

Customers can file a claim in just three steps on their mobile device or desktop.

24/7 support for your customers

Our team provides 24/7 service to your customers, enabling businesses to provide a seamless travel experience.

Who is Robin Assist designed for?

Robin Assist is designed for travel insurance companies that are in need of a claims handling and assistance service platform dedicated to their customers.

Can Robin Assist benefit your business?

With immediate multi-channel communication, and a friendly, tech-driven approach to assistance and claims, we offer unparalleled service and customization to your businesses and customers’ individual needs.

We’re here. Every step of the way

Robin Assist provides a tech-driven claims handling and assistance platform, ensuring seamless travel insurance for your customers.
With 24/7 support, we deliver an innovative approach to handling claims, mitigating travel risks globally for our partners.

Medical Assistance

We’re here to help—anytime, anywhere.

Travel Assistance

Flight rebooking, hotel rebooking, rental vehicle booking, and more.

Security Assistance

Our comprehensive security assistance services range from general travel security to high-risk situations.

Claims Services

Immediate claims settlement in over 140 currencies.

Redefining what it means to help travelers

Our team of medical professionals is available 24/7 worldwide, ensuring accessibility regardless of your location. Our reach spans 185+ countries. with services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

Local support

On the ground expertise with physician visits, medical appointment coordination, pre-treatment quotes and multi-lingual support.

Seamless settlement solutions

We provide settlement in over 140 currencies via e-check, online payment services, wire, ACH, BACS, SWIFT and SEPA.

Real time data notifications

We help you make the most of your data. From industry benchmarking and results analysis to seamless integration and automation.

Global team

A truly global team with full time employees based in the Americas, Europe, and Australasia

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