45 East Lincoln Street,
Columbus, OH 43215

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45 East Lincoln Street,
Columbus, OH 43215

t: +1 (855) 395 7686
t: +44 (20) 3769 4976

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Our Tech: Marvin translates partner needs into custom products and services that work across languages, tax requirements, insurance regulations, and currencies.

It’s the nickname for one of our founding tech teammates who resembles a certain android who prefers to be left to rust in peace. Except in the creating groundbreaking technology department, when his brain does really seem to be the size of a planet.

With Marvin, partners navigate our global embedded insurance solutions to instantly create new custom products and services available through our easy-to-use RESTful API. Stick with Marvin for quick and easy product creation, policy fulfilment and management, full partnership/affiliation options, and much more.

Marvin delivers insurance products in any country, language, taxation, and currency. Custom product builds include no-code features based on user-controlled underwriting guidelines. The platform delivers policies globally as part of partner brands, via stand-alone or embedded solutions.

  • Travel industry distribution partners looking to offer custom-built travel insurance products to their customers
  • Insurance industry partners, carriers, MGAs and brokers who need a comprehensive tech platform for product administration and fulfillment
  • Enterprise partners in travel, financial, and insurance industries looking for a platform to create their own insurance programs backed by services and global licensed infrastructure

Integrate any platform with our easy-to-use API to embed a full suite of insurance functionality targeted for customer experiences.

  • Allow customers to quote and bind a predefined insurance package within an existing purchase path, set up a dedicated page for customers to customize their own policy, or a combination of both
  • Fully-embed the claims experience into existing flows, allowing customers to stay in the partner experience throughout the claims process
  • Use comprehensive reporting data to track sales performance

Provide a truly white-labeled service for partners, including naming rights that speak to brands.

  • Cobranded policy issuance and customer communications are standard for our implementations
  • Branded customer service, assistance, and claims teams act as your insurance operations team, providing a seamless experience for your customers on issues ranging from policy modifications to emergency medical evacuations

Flexibility and availability are the keys to embedded insurance success. Marvin is built from the ground up to support hyper-targeting.

  • Easily develop new custom plans to support multi-variate testing with dynamic product creation tools
  • Integrations are platform-agnostic, allowing access to products regardless of how customers view them: on laptops, mobile, or the next big thing

Global offerings need to contemplate both institutional regulatory differences and consumer behavior nuances. Marvin solves for both.

  • Fully configurable to manage state and country-specific taxation schemes and documentation
  • Multi-currency global payments options
  • Claims payments made electronically and on the consumer’s platform of choice

Built by people with both technical and insurance backgrounds, Marvin is made for scalability and compliance.

  • Microservice architecture hosted on AWS
  • Global data protection standards, including full GDPR compliance
  • Sanctions screening at policy issuance and claims payments
  • Multi-level user access controls for underwriting and compliance

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Robin Assist redefines what it means to help travelers worldwide.

Robin Assist takes care of the customer experience and journey through custom builds and segmented services based on partner needs, with API led tech for seamless integration and customer interaction.

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