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t: +1 (855) 395 7686
t: +44 (20) 3769 4976

Providing 24/7 support services to travelers worldwide

Redefining what it means to help travelers through our innovative approach to assistance and claims services for the travel industry of the future.


Not all heroes wear capes, that’s why we call our Robin Assist team ‘heroes’ because they are no short of heroic.

Robin Assist is a claims handling and assistance service platform that provides a variety of assistance coverage designed to create a seamless travel insurance experience for your customers.

Our innovative tech-driven approach to claims and assistance handling enables businesses who partner with Robin Assist to provide their travelers with 24/7 travel support to mitigate travel risk; and with the help of the Robin Assist team, support is available to travelers worldwide.

In short, stuff happens. But if it happens to your travelers, don’t worry – you’ve got us.

Robin Assist is designed for travel insurance companies who are in need of a claims handling and assistance service platform dedicated to their customers.

Our Robin Assist team provides 24/7 service to your customers, enabling businesses to provide a seamless travel experience.

Robin Assist is a service platform that can be seamlessly integrated into your website or hosted on a dedicated page, for your customers’ claims and emergency assistance services.

With Robin Assist, filing a claim is easy to do, with just three steps on your mobile device or desktop.

To file a claim, all you need is your policy number, and our system will populate your information from our existing records. From there, users will fill out a couple of questions about their claim, and digitally sign for consent.

We provide settlement in over 140 currencies via e-check, online payment services, wire, ACH, BACS, SWIFT and SEPA

If your business is looking for a fully integrated, seamless in-house claims and 24/7 assistance experience for your customers, Robin Assist can surely benefit you!

With immediate multi-channel communication, and a friendly, tech-driven approach to assistance and claims, we offer unparalleled service and customization to your businesses and customers’ individual needs.

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If things go wrong, we’re always right here.

We provide a complete set of assistance and claims services for the travel insurance industry.

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Robin Assist redefines what it means to help travelers worldwide.

Robin Assist takes care of the customer experience and journey through custom builds and segmented services based on partner needs, with API led tech for seamless integration and customer interaction.