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t: +1 (855) 395 7686
t: +44 (20) 3769 4976

Providing 24/7 support services to travelers worldwide

Redefining what it means to help travelers through our innovative approach to blending risk management assistance services and insurance for corporate clients.


Deliver a higher level of care to your employees, through ultimate insurance, claims and assistance service customization. 

Robin Assist is the assistance response team under the insure-tech insurance disruptor, battleface. Comprised of 24/7 in-house doctors, nurses, logistical, operational, customer service teams and local correspondents worldwide, we strive to address the various needs of your travelers day or night, regardless of where they are in the world. Robin delivers bespoke risk management solution with customization and ease of integration in mind, and since Robin and battleface are under one roof, we take the confusion out of coordination and focus on what matters most, your travelers.

Robin Assist is designed for companies who are in need of a customizable assistance service platform dedicated to their customers while traveling. We provide our clients with a designated, 24/7 assistance hotline, customizable phone tree in the event of an opened case, emergency transport and medical care with guarantee of payment in urgent situations, and live travel support your travelers require to confidently navigate new and ongoing travel scenarios. Robin Assist also enables companies to tailor their duty of care to match employee needs. We will coordinate with other duty of care providers and fill in gaps only where it’s needed Whether it’s assistance handling, integrating battleface travel insurance, group insurance policies or all the above, we work together to provide a custom program specific to your business.

Robin Assist can build a new risk management program for your company or bridge the gap within your current risk management structure, through leveraging a dedicated 24/7 service hotline and custom protocols to fit your company along with access to our Global Medical Network. We also can incorporate insurance needs for individuals or group trips on an per trip or annual basis through our insurance arm, battleface.

Robin Assist’s service program can be seamlessly integrated into your website or hosted on a dedicated page, for your employees’ claims and emergency assistance services.

Your employees can access our Robin Assist heroes through a email, chat or a single, easy to access, 24/7 hotline to meet their needs in real time; mitigating risk, and enhancing your employees’ travel experience providing the utmost care.

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